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Pre-Conference Training

Pre-Conference Training 

Schedule of Blaise 5 Training sessions for Monday, October 22, 2018

The focus of these sessions is knowledge transfer, not workshops/courses. There is no need to bring your device. The color coding reflects the general level of the presentation for use by attendees. Attendees can select either session to attend during each of the time slots. 

Time Title ​Presenter (Organization) ​Title ​Presenter (Organization)
​9:00am - 9:45am Apps ​Arno Rouschen (SN) Maniplus - part 1 Hugo Elbers (SN)
Lon Hofman (SN)


​9:45am - 10:30am Layout Basic ​Ralph Dolmans (SN)
Nikki Brown (Westat)
Richard Frey (Westat)
Maniplus - part 2 Hugo Elbers (SN)
Lon Hofman (SN)
​10:30am - 10:45am ​BREAK
​10:45am - 11:30am CATI ​Tim Carati (SN) Custom WPF apps ​Rod Furey (SN)
​11:30am - 12:15pm Accessibility ​Tim Carati (SN)
Nikki Brown (Westat)
Richard Frey (Westat)
Custom MVC apps ​Bas Huijts (SN)
​12:15pm - 1:15pm LUNCH​
​1:15pm - 2:00pm Multimode (CAWI/CATI) ​Roger Linssen (SN) Layout Advanced ​Ralph Dolmans (SN)
Nikki Brown (Westat)
Richard Frey (Westat)
​2:00pm - 2:45pm Security ​Rod Furey (SN) Harmless Changes ​Arno Rouschen (SN)
​2:45pm - 3:00pm BREAK
​3:00pm - 3:45pm ​ ​How Blaise 5 is Tested ​ ​Arthur Van den berg (SN)
​3:45pm - 4:30pm ​ ​New Features ​ ​Roger Linssen (SN)



​Level 1 ​Basic ​Assumes basic knowledge about Blaise 4. No knowledge of Blaise 5 required.
​Level 2 ​Intermediate ​Assumes some knowledge of Blaise 5.
​Level 3 ​Advanced ​Assumes knowledge of Blaise 5, C# and/or JavaScript.


Information about the sessions

Level 1

Layout Basic: “Applying a house style to your survey”
In this session, we’ll show you how you can use a Resource Database that uses your house style to tweak your survey to its specific needs.

Presenter: Ralph Dolmans (SN), TBD (Westat)

​How Blaise 5 is Tested:“Ready! Test! Go!”
In this session, we’ll show you how the product Blaise 5 is tested at Statistics Netherlands. Both regression testing and performance testing will be discussed.

Presenter: Arthur van den Berg (SN)

New features in Blaise 5.4/5.5:“Look what we’ve got!”
In this session, we’ll show you an overview of the new features in Blaise 5.

Presenter: Roger Linssen (SN)

​Level 2

Apps:“Be smart”
In this session we will have a look at the Dep-, Android and iOS apps. Although the apps can run in questionnaires in several different modes, their main purpose is to be able to conduct surveys in an offline environment. To do this, the Blaise 5 apps have the ability to download and install surveys on a device/laptop/desktop computer. Once a survey is installed on the device, you can run it completely offline. The apps have functionality to download cases for particular interviewers and to upload data of completed cases to the server when a connection to the internet is available.

A case study demonstrates what you’ll have to do to run a survey offline in the apps and walks you through the most important functions of the apps, among others how interviewers can be assigned to particular cases.

Presenter: Arno Rouschen (SN)

Security:“Lock up when you go”
In this session we'll talk about the things you need to consider when tightening up the locks and chains around your system. This ranges from changing from http to https to considering the use of an external security manager to provide identification.

Presenter: Rod Furey (SN)

CATI:“Call me, maybe”
In this session we’ll talk about the newest features in CATI, and explain how you can set up CATI in your organization.

Presenter: Tim Carati (SN)

Accessibility:“Make things accessible”
Accessibility is important. It is not only required by law, but it can make completing an instrument a lot easier, especially if a respondent has some sort of limitation (sensory, visually, physically, mentally). In this session, we’ll discuss the issues you need to think of  if you want to develop accessible instruments.

Presenter: Tim Carati (SN), TBD (Westat)

​Multimode (CAWI/CATI):“Switching modes”
In this session we’ll show you how to set up a multimode survey. We’ll focus on a CAWI/CATI setup.

Presenter: Roger Linssen (SN)

Maniplus - part 1 & 2:“Accept or Cancel”
In this session we’ll show you how to use Manipula Dialogs (Maniplus). Topics include conversion of existing Blaise 4 Maniplus scripts, and designing a Blaise 5 Maniplus script from scratch.

Presenter: Hugo Elbers (SN), Lon Hofman (SN)

​Layout Advanced:“Creating your house style”
In this session, you’ll learn how to create your own house style in the Resource Database.

Presenter: Ralph Dolmans (SN), TBD (Westat)

​Harmless Changes:“Change is coming”
This session will focus on what harmless changes are and why it is convenient to have support for it. We will look at the harmless changes support that has been added to the Control Centre and what happens when you install a newer version of a questionnaire that has harmless changes in a server park.

From Blaise 5.4 on databases can be are extended with tables which allow Blaise to store information about previous versions of the questionnaire. We will look at these tables and their purpose and we will have a look at the differences between the data partition types when it comes to migrating the data to a newer version of the questionnaire.

A case study demonstrates the steps that are necessary to migrate existing production data to a newer version of the questionnaire.

Presenter: Arno Rouschen (SN)

​Level 3

Custom WPF apps:“Adding custom functionality for the WPF Dep”
In this session we'll show the basic framework for a custom WPF DEP application and some of the things that can be done when you code up your own custom control.

Presenter: Rod Furey (SN)

Custom MVC apps:“Adding custom functionality for browsers”
In this session we’ll show the basic framework for a custom MVC DEP application. After that, we will show how to build custom controls.

Presenter: Bas Huijts (SN)